Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 - I'm back in town

I have not blogged in well over a year. What I have done is taken on a second (part-time) job and tried to stick all of my living into the available slots on the schedule. Cleaning, cooking, tv favorites, flea market trips, garage sales, travel, my family, and crafts crafts crafts. I have been a crafting maniac over the last few months, but never stopped to blog about any of it.

I've learned some things about MOI in that time, though. Number one - I am really inspired and obsessed with Christmas (I've always known this, duh), but I've decided that my crafting is going to be centered on Christmas and holidays mostly. It's what I love most, it's what I do. Holidays 365 - except I really prefer the winter holidays and not the bunnies and flowers stuff.

I'm going to try to post at least my current projects and then maybe do a review - maybe a Christmas in July? - to cover all the stuff I did this past season. Then maybe I can do some kind of catching up. Right now, my little workroom looks like the 'Katrina' room, if you get my reference...Need to make a grand sweep of the scraps and odds and ends that don't need to be there and try one more time to organize my bins and baskets.

I'm starting out 2015 by accepting the challenge from Tim Holtz and will attempt the 12 Tags of 2015. Read about it here and join in. Following Tim's inspiration piece, create your own tag and then blog and post it.

This appealed to me at first sight. I think it showed up on Facebook and called my name. I am a collage person. You can call it altered art, you can call it steampunk or papercrafts, whatever. From my earliest crafting days, I've been most successful and satisfied by tearing paper and gluing, finding words and images to merge into my own ideas. I also had on hand lots of scraps and tags and ribbons - so this project was made for me. And glitter - lots and lots of glitter. I've gone from a person who reveled in rustic to one that is glued and sparkly. Go figga.

The materials I used - a roll of ephemeral tissue and wrapping paper, gold and silver glitter glue from Target (no lie), dollar store ribbon and gold tie, miscellaneous star buttons and fixings, and typed out words or phrases meaningful for me in 2015: Be continuously productive, Dream, Create, Focus, Explore, Believe, Acheive, and Shine. I was happy to finally find a use for those metal letters and numbers I had grabbed on clearance in TJMaxx years ago and never quite put to use.

So, where's your tag? And HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  1. I think it's great how you took the inspiration and made it your own!

    1. Thanks, Cassie. I am amazed at all of the variations on the theme. Looking forward to February's challenge!


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