Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Cactus Time!

We're back! I've truly been busy and not able to blog, but if I take the time, I do have some things to share.

Right now - this is my subject. My annual post about my so-called Christmas cactus. Here she is, making another Halloween appearance. The science is very simple. Every summer, I put the cactus outside in my Long Island yard. It gets plenty of sun and water. Then, as the seasons begin to change, the buds come out. I'll leave the technicalities to a botanist. All I know is that every year the blooms are fuller, so this is my tried-and-true method.

Merry, ummm, Halloween!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My DIY -- Adding a plate rack to my cabinets

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Ever wish you could go back in time and change something about that big renovation project you did?

Several years after our reno, I began to regret not ordering a plate rack with the cabinets. I'm sure it was mainly because of cost - several hundred dollars extra, I believe. Yet the more and more I searched out kitchens and saw posts on Pinterest, the more and more I wished I had the plate rack to showcase my Fiesta dishware. Not only are these my everyday go-to dishes, but I consider the bright colors an artful accessory in my kitchen decor.

This is pretty much what the kit looks like. Two racks, preassembled, with the middle three posts unattached. You can find them here: Omega National I found out that this is so you can attach the racks to your shelving unit the easy way. I say this because I did all the work, then tried to put the shelf into my bookcase unit, only to find that the posts would NOT go into the cabinetry.
I had to remove them and start over.

I finished the unpainted wood with a wipe-off stain which closely matched the pearl finish of my cabinets. I found I had to sand and apply the stain several times to penetrate the hard oak. Then I needed to trim the length by about an inch to match up with the shelf.

There are three spaces where you can drill your screw holes. I glued the racks onto the shelf and then added the three middle screws. That was all it needed. I adjusted the top shelf to rest on top of the posts which also assured that they were a good fit.

The only thing left was to add the Fiesta! I'm really pleased with the results (and my first real stab at cabinetry.) It's not factory perfect, but it will do. I love the look!

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quinoa Pancakes? It's what's for breakfast today

Believe me, they were DELISH!

I resisted quinoa (keen wah) for the longest time. I just couldn't get used to the pearly consistency when used as a side dish, similar to rice. Then I found a recipe for Creamy Quinoa in the Reader's Digest Diet book and I was hooked. As a breakfast cereal, it totally satisfied me. So, today I thought, ``Why not try to make pancakes?''

Here is my recipe. Very simple and LEGAL. All real ingredients, nothing artificial. And totally satisfying and delish!

1/2 cup cooked quinoa
1/2 mashed banana
1 egg
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp Truvia
2 tsp real maple syrup
1 tsp coconut oil

Makes 4 medium-sized pancakes.

Mix all ingredients together in a medium sized bowl, making sure to combine well.

Prep a skillet or frying pan with the coconut oil and drop a large scoop of the mixture onto the hot pan. It will be thick, so allow some of the batter to `flatten' onto the cooking surface. When you see bubbles, check to see if the pancake is browned and then turn it over.

Serve with 2 tsp of maple syrup.

Thursday, February 14, 2013


A special treat for Valentines Day!
Wow, I've been away for a long time. But I HAVE been busy. I did a Valentine swap with the ladies from P+R. I had been collecting wool sweaters for a while. I found some really sweet ones in the childrens sections of the thrift stores and felted them. When I needed an idea for the swap, I used the felted pillow I had received as a gift years ago as my inspiration.

The little blue one was the gift. The red/pink/yellow blends are the ones I swapped. I crazy quilted a few and tried rag quilting also.  (Another unrelated project was a rag quilt for my friend's grandbaby. More about that in another post!!) They all turned out soft and scrunchy. Added embellishments were scrapbook keys and locks or some old rusted skeleton keys, buttons, and pinned-on tags.

I love to swap! I'm still waiting on a few of the totally unique and amazing swaps to arrive and then I'll be posting them, too. The crafters at Primitive and Rustic are such an inspiration to me.

Lotsa love!