Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paper trees - Oh Tannenbaum! Easy tutorial

When the hurricane blew in to the New York area and we were without power (only for a very short time in our house - GRATEFUL!), I did this craft. I needed something `simple, but elegant' to insert in my card for an annual card swap I do with the lovely ladies at Primitive and Rustic Crafts and Decorating. I have been a part of this wonderful forum for 13 years, as of January. I would love for you to join us. We have some amazing and well-respected crafters there. Some have come and gone and we wish they would return. So come on over.

Simple, simple!

**All it took was two-sided scrapbook paper. That's it! The more beautiful and embellished the papers, the more beautiful your trees.

**Just cut a circle in half (I used a plate for a template) and fold. It's all up to you as to how wide you want to make it.

**The rest is up to you, too. I glued the folds down - you don't have to. I also added a star on top. I found a big package of stick-on glittery stars in Michaels. You can glitter your branches, you can add ornies. Make them your own. I added trunks made from some wood splits I had in my craft drawer (I have NO idea why I originally bought them!!). I also made a loop of raffia on top. You can do whatever YOU want. Use ribbon, use twine...GO FOR IT!

So, here are mine. Show me your creations! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!


  1. Oh those are so pretty! OMG I've been on P&R since it started! Don't do much posting anymore but what a small world!


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