Friday, December 28, 2012

One Little Word 2013

I did it! I signed up for Ali Edwards' wonderful year-long class - One Little Word 2013. 

So, what is YOUR word for 2013? What is your focus and what are your goals for yourself. It's time for a little bit of retrospection and maybe even, dare I use the word, resolution.

I've decided that my word will be LIGHT. I want to live in light, fighting through the darkness. I want to seek the Light. I want to spread light and be a source.

So, what's your word? Come and join in!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

What to do with my dining area sliding doors ??

I will be the first to admit that when it comes to window treatments, I am usually at a loss. I've replaced anything I've had in the past with bamboo shades, but the dining area sliders are always a problem. I will add to the shades sometime in the future - maybe some nice flowing panels in the bedrooms.

This is what I decided for the sliders. I found two packages (!!) of white shear panels at Marshall's. They are even made with the big grommets on top so they fit right onto the drapery bar I have. I was left with two toile panels that I had originally thought of hanging on the sides, but it just didn't work and they don't have grommets. It TOTALLY did NOT work!

I draped the panels for a holiday-look swag and added a red Christmas tree garland.

Riley wants to know -- what do you think?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Paper trees - Oh Tannenbaum! Easy tutorial

When the hurricane blew in to the New York area and we were without power (only for a very short time in our house - GRATEFUL!), I did this craft. I needed something `simple, but elegant' to insert in my card for an annual card swap I do with the lovely ladies at Primitive and Rustic Crafts and Decorating. I have been a part of this wonderful forum for 13 years, as of January. I would love for you to join us. We have some amazing and well-respected crafters there. Some have come and gone and we wish they would return. So come on over.

Simple, simple!

**All it took was two-sided scrapbook paper. That's it! The more beautiful and embellished the papers, the more beautiful your trees.

**Just cut a circle in half (I used a plate for a template) and fold. It's all up to you as to how wide you want to make it.

**The rest is up to you, too. I glued the folds down - you don't have to. I also added a star on top. I found a big package of stick-on glittery stars in Michaels. You can glitter your branches, you can add ornies. Make them your own. I added trunks made from some wood splits I had in my craft drawer (I have NO idea why I originally bought them!!). I also made a loop of raffia on top. You can do whatever YOU want. Use ribbon, use twine...GO FOR IT!

So, here are mine. Show me your creations! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!