Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Our Halloween Party - 2012

BEFORE the hurricane arrived, we had a great party on Saturday night. Our theme was 'Favorite TV characters', but our food and drink choices were all Halloween! Take a look. I think everyone did such a great job. Maybe you'll see something you want to use for your own party. I have to say, Pinterest is such a wonderful source of ideas - all in one place!! What did we do before we pinned? :-) I found wonderful labels to print out.
I had nothing to do with the wonderfully creative food that was made. My contribution was just a pot of chili, but look at these great snacks! Ghost pizzas, deviled eye balls, and a fabulous spider web nacho dip.
And how about a nice cup of this punch??

All of the guests had a great time. We had some famous folks show up -- Lucy and Ethel, the Clintons, Abby from NCIS, the Addams kids, Catwoman, and even Ed Norton from the Honeymooners. Do you recognize any of your favorites ??



  1. love this idea!! Everything looks awesome!!

    1. Thanks! How was your Halloween? Were you a hippie chick?

  2. What great costumes and the food looks awesome! I hope you all survived the storm~

    1. Thanks so much! We had a blast. We survived that nasty Sandy! Our house was truly blessed with a minimum of trama to the fences. We're still raking up the leaves and broken twigs, but we're good to go!!


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