Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Trying to beat the ho-hum of dieting - No sugar BBQ sauce

They say, ``Don't call it a diet. Call it a way of life."

I've been living the sugar-free, low-carb way of life for a while now. I use real fats, none of that processed stuff. I've even inflicted a self-imposed ban on gluten and wheat products. I eat very well. In fact, I eat EXTREMELY well, which is why I find it frustrating that my weight is sinking ever-so-slowly.

I'm told it can take up to 9 months (like a full-term baby, folks!) to repair the damage to your intestinal tract that yo-yo dieting, low-fat diets, artificial sweeteners, carb overload, and wheat has caused. And so, I am being the compliant subject. I make mistakes, I take a gazillion (I know, not a word, but you get what I mean) supplements, I walk, do yoga, love Pilates, and I do see a difference.

But I want that scale to spin around like a carousel and give me the brass ring. I want to see a drop.
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It's summer. I want summer foods and tasty grilled foods,  but I've avoided your typical fare, laden with sugary ketchup and BBQ sauces. So, today I made making this little treat  -- Sugar-free BBQ sauce. I faithfully followed this recipe from Nourishing Days:

who copied it from The Garden of Eating (credit where credit is due!) I'm hoping it satisfies my desires ... and that the scale does that spinning thing I mentioned before.

Fire up that grill!



  1. If you don't like the taste of stevia (I find it very bitter), you can substitute some agave syrup (the raw is best). It makes things taste sweet without giving them any particular flavor and the raw is the lowest on the glycemic index as far as your blood sugar goes.

  2. Funny, my sister hates the stevia, too. Says it gets way too sweet. I have been very happy with it. I used agave a while back, but was told it raised blood sugar, so I stopped. I try not to use any sugars, but every now and then I give in to a sweet. (I think you have to enjoy a few tastes of the sweet things every now and then !!) Thanks for the hint. I may try it again.


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