Wednesday, August 29, 2012

If it's WEDNESDAY - here's what I wore

I've been meaning to try this for months and months. I'm a newbie. This is my first stab - be kind!

How is this for a cool fashion accessory? I was sporting this baby for a day or two when a mysterious pain made itself at home in my wrist. Gotta say, this lovely wristband and a lot of ice made a real difference! Basic black goes with everything. And how about that logo to hit you right between the eyes?

Seriously...these are two of my finds that I rocked this week. Look at these shoes! I couldn't resist. Not only was the price right -- $8.00 at MARSHALLS -- they fit without any pain and hide my nasty bunions. Love, love, love!

And then, there is this little tidbit. I managed to get my 'boyfriend' to splurge for this bracelet. It's the end of the summer, it was a beach flea market, and it's got all the stuff I love from the shore:

Sweet? I think so. Not bad for $10, right?

Oops! Almost forgot! Here's the link where this post is going - What I Wore Wednesday @pleatedpoppy

This was fun. Maybe next week I can actually have photos of my clothing! :-) See ya!

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