Monday, August 20, 2012

Elephant's Trunk Flea Market Treasures!

Yesterday was spent in New Milford, CT, at Elephant's Trunk Country Flea Market.

What a great day of finds. I had something specifically in mind for my search, but the first thing I saw was an Indian print dress that I just had to have. Add to that some jewelry. The rest of my money was saved for antiques and treasures!

Basket for my front door - $1.00

Bought this clock for my husband. He loves it. The face is very pretty. Priced at $3, mine for $2.

Had to add this bright green mini vase to my collection. Cost $2.00

This wooden box was painted green and was used as a planter, but as a holder for wine glasses (on my buffet), it suits me fine. Priced at $15, I got it for $10.
And then ... my find of the day. The thing that made me the happiest and got loads of compliments from everyone, as I dragged it with me all morning:

TA DA!!! I'm in love. Isn't it gorgeous?

The chair was my goal for the day. I leaped at the price tag - $10 - and then got the seller to give it to me - I mean GIVE it to me - for $8.00. I'm still giddy!

Next stop - BRIMFIELD !! I found a Little Tykes wagon on Craigslist today for $20. Perfect for toting around my finds next month!

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