Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Easy Lampshade Re-do

Today I just got antsy and needed to do something for my new workspace (reveal still coming...) Decided I needed to update the lampshade so it would coordinate with the rest of the room. I just adore this fabric - It's called PenPal by Waverly. I made some ruffled chair pads and a window drape out of it. I found the fabric at a church sale last year for a steal - about $1.00 for about a yard and a half.

I got the main idea from Pinterest. (Thank you to all the brave ladies that have done this before.) First I took some cotton batting and rolled the shade across while tracing so I got the curve and shape I needed. Then I cut out the fabric using the batting as a pattern.

Batting on top of my beloved fabric

I didn't do ANY sewing -- everything was glued using something called "Weldbond", which is a thick white glue, much like Tacky Glue. I started out using the hot glue gun, but this product was easier to use on fabric and my fingers were burned one too many times.

Whatever works for you.

This lacey placemat is a thrift store find. I cut off the crocheted edging and used it along the edges of the shade.
From the thrift store bin for about $1.00

I also added some ribbon for trim that I had left over from another project. It has little brown birds on a line, not really part of my French handwriting theme, but the colors matched perfectly. Everything is recycled and re-used, so this cost me nothing.

Voila! It matches the rest of the room! Such an improvement over the white, plastic-y looking shade that was on there!

I might want to add some more trim.  Maybe some rosette flowers? What do you think?

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  1. That looks SO nice, and relatively easy to do! Makes me wish I had a lamp that needed a little upgrade.


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