Saturday, August 18, 2012

A new alternative to artificial sweeteners?

This is exciting news. Thank you to Rhoda at for the information. I'm repeating her news here because this deeply effects me -- I've been on the hunt for healthy, natural foods in my diet. After over five years of telling myself that artificial sweeteners are better for me than sugar, I learned of the damage I was doing to my overall health, let alone my intestinal tract and my metabolism.

I've been using stevia as an alternative sweetener and have been quite happy. Seems that the people at Splenda have `received the memo'. This is their new product - Nectresse - made from monk fruit (yes, I know...I haven't heard of it until now, either!) At any rate, I've sent for my free sample.

I hope this is one of many improvements to our everyday diet, as I strive to eliminate processed and chemically laden foods. Take a look - order your free sample - and let's get to eating right.

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