Sunday, July 1, 2012

Southern Hospitality Rhoda's Link Party-Thrifty Treasures

I actually have something to add to Rhoda's Link Party!  Thrifty Treasures Link Party

southern hospitality

Today I dragged hubby down to my favorite shop - Country Junque - in Bayport, NY. Just needed to get my fix and see what was new. Nothing really caught my eye until I found a plate from set of transferware that I haven't seen before. The pattern is Gainsborough by J+G Meakin. I looked up the date and found 1968, so the dishes are 44 years old. Not quite antiques, but getting there!!

As the plate has a tiny chip on the edge that I didn't even notice, the owner told me to get another one.

I decided on the platter instead. $6.00 later she threw in the plate with the chip. Such great people!

So, now there are some new additions to my little collection. Now to find some plate hangers just the right size and to rearrange my wall again!!


  1. I simply adore this pattern. Sounds like you ran into a terrific deal. Enjoy your platter and plate in the best of health.

    1. Thank you, Nan. It's one of the prettier, flowery ones. I adore transferware, too!!


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