Sunday, February 19, 2012

Eating for Health

My word for the new year was REACH. After bariatric surgery, I lost 120 pounds and gained back about 15. Now, I'm trying to go forward, to eliminate those 15 and to lose more, but to eat the right way in doing so. I really like this little saying I found on Pinterest. (Isn't Pinterest totally amazing??!!) This is my new philosophy/motto/way of eating.

Every day is a journey. Along the way, I've discovered a wealth of information and easy to understand applications from the amazing women at Nurtitional Weight and Wellness. And while you're at it, pay a visit to Nell Kaul's blog My life lived with fat. Nell has been successful in this effort, lost 90 pounds eating the right way for her body, and is willing to share with us. I've already made significant changes in my diet and have been rewarded with weight loss. Pay them all a visit, listen to the radio show, learn, and LIVE!

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