Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's your WORD of the year??

Seems this is a new way of declaring New Year's Resolutions (that I wasn't going to make).

My word is REACH. Setting new goals, following a new path, beginning the rest of your life - reach for the sky. Dream big and expect positive results. Starting this blog is part of my reaching. Beginning my design classes will be reaching for a dream that I've wanted for quite some time.

Above all,  reaching out beyond myself - doing more charity work, volunteering, making new friends, growing my faith, and my expanding my boundaries.

Thanks to Layla @TheLetteredCottage for encouraging this. Hope everyone will join in her Link Party on January 16th.


  1. Linda,
    Reach is a great word for the year, with so many possibilities!

  2. Following you from Layla's word party-Stop by for a visit!


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