Saturday, January 28, 2012

SO Simple!

I mean, really. How did I not think of this years ago?
I couldn't stand staring at that blank wall that encases the refrigerator but, at the same time, I was afraid to nail anything into the wood cabinets. I've had this lidded basket for a while, wondering how to put it to good use. Lighbulb moment -- I bought those adhesive hooks that are (supposed to be) easy to remove without damaging your walls or, in this case, cabinets. I needed to make some space in my crowded pantry and the stack of dishtowels was taking up valuable real estate. What a no-brainer. Now the wall is being used, the basket is serving a purpose, and the dish towels are in a reachable kitchen spot. I mean, really ...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

along comes valentine's day

I'm doing a one-on-one swap this year with Cathy at Hazelruthe. I wanted to find something different - a new twist on the old faithful Valentine card. This is a really nice tutorial for an EASEL VALENTINE, courtesy of MINA KEENAN at Untrained Housewife Such a LOVEly idea!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's your WORD of the year??

Seems this is a new way of declaring New Year's Resolutions (that I wasn't going to make).

My word is REACH. Setting new goals, following a new path, beginning the rest of your life - reach for the sky. Dream big and expect positive results. Starting this blog is part of my reaching. Beginning my design classes will be reaching for a dream that I've wanted for quite some time.

Above all,  reaching out beyond myself - doing more charity work, volunteering, making new friends, growing my faith, and my expanding my boundaries.

Thanks to Layla @TheLetteredCottage for encouraging this. Hope everyone will join in her Link Party on January 16th.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm here and I'm learning

Right now I'm tooling around with this. I imported some old posts I had on a blog I never really launched. They'll go into my archives, I'm guessing. I could use loads of help, so please comment and advise me. It's all welcome!