Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Thanks to the ladies of the Primitive and Rustic forum, this is the completed Harvest Banner from this season's swap. Love the colors and the originality of each piece. Mine is the "S"/sunflower. I made the flower from muslin, soaked in coffee and baked to get the crispy petals. The center is homespun, stuffed with fiberfill. All the rest are paper, but I thought I would try fabric for my first try. The yellow and black fabric looked like seeds to me, but it's actually a Debbie Mumm animal print!! Love it!

Harvest Banner Swap

The ladies at the Primitive & Rustic forum did a few banner swaps. This is the completed HARVEST banner. I love it. Everyone is so original. Mine is the 'S' with the sunflower. I made the sunflowers from muslin dipped in coffee and baked, with a homespun center. Love it!!

I've been busy

This is a collage I did for a friend who is an actor. I used the Playbill and some photos to create a memory frame for him. I found red, white and blue cardstock to carry through with the nautical them. Someday soon when Xavier is starring on Broadway, I can say I knew him when!